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沖縄 貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage

こんにちはー。 貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage スタッフです^^








貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage

一番有名かもしれません。 ハブの3倍の毒があるといわれるハブクラゲ。




昔 (15年前ぐらい?) はいなかったのにー!



沖縄 貸別荘 KARIN Design Cottage

口先がとがった魚で、浅瀬の方にもよく泳いでいる魚。 (しかもまあまあ大量に)





夜の潜水には充分にお気を付けください :-(



貸別荘 KARIN Design Cottage




ハブクラゲ同様 触れるだけで刺されてしまいます。見つけても素手でさわったら絶対ダメです!







貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage

いや、ウニやん! て感じですが、一般的なウニよりするどく、超長いトゲトゲです。


And トゲには毒もあるので、最強です。安易にさわると危険です。


沖合にしかいないものも、浅瀬にもいるものと 泳ぐ場所によっても違いますが、

くれぐれも楽しい思い出にできるように 注意して泳ぎましょうね。


その他 沖縄の海洋危険生物はこちらから。


貸別荘  KARIN Design Cottage

貸別荘 KARIN Design Cottage 公式ホームページ



 Dangerous Sea Creature in Okinawa

沖縄 貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage

Hello there! I’m staff of KARIN Design Cottage.

Almost everyone who comes to Okinawa goes to beach. Our guests are too.

From small children to adults, everyone is enjoying the beach!

I have thought that”beach is not for playing, but for watching” for a long time before.

But I realized beach is fun, Swimming is also fun these days!

However, there are many dangerous marine living in Okinawa sea.

Let me introduce some of them today.


Habukurage (Chironex yamaguchii)

貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage

Habukurage is well known as dangerous jellyfish in Okinawa.

Habukurage has 3 times poison of Habu (a poisonous snake).

When you get stung by a box jellyfish, wash tentacles away with tap water,

and apply a vinegar to the area you got stung, and please go to hospital.

In the case small child get stung, it is possible that child may become shock.

I recommend that you go to the beach where installed safety nets for keeping the jellyfish away.

There were no that kind of danger about  20 years ago!! lol


Belonidae (Needle fish)

沖縄 貸別荘 KARIN Design Cottage

This fish has long and narrow beak. They can easily be founded in shallow water.

They don’t have a poison. It’s not a problem if you swim near to them during day time.

But they are capable of making short jumps out of the water at up to 60 km.

They jump by leap out the water towards the light at high speed.

Their long beak can.. you know? It’s so dangerous..

Fishermen in Okinawa say dangerous of needle fish is sane as shark.

Please be careful if you go night fishing or night diving.


Physalia physalis ( Kown as man-of-war, blue bottle, or floating terror)

貸別荘 KARIN Design Cottage

The name and looking are seriously cool, but it’s highly venomous creature.

Its long tentacles can deliver an agonizingly painful, sometimes deadly sting.

Please so not touch them with bare hands!

I’ve never seen it before, but I heard there are rare chances of seeing it in the sea water.

One people who has seen it before said it was looking like plastic bag floating in the sea.

I’m scared. If you got stung, DO NOT apply a vinegar like the case in Jellyfish,

Just wash tentacles away with sea water, and cool the area where you have been stung with icepack,and go to the hospital.


Black Longspine Urchin

貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage

If you think it is urchin, you’re right. But this Urchin has long, thin and completely black spines.

Their spines can easily be broken, and it’s hard to pull out after it has stuck in your finger.

Furthermore, it’s venomous.  Be aware.


For making good memories, please be careful and enjoy swimming!

Other than above, you can check dangerous sea creature in Okinawa from here.

I’m waiting for Beach Open… it is closing everyone!!

貸別荘  KARIN Design Cottage