by rika 2017/05/10


こんにちは! 貸別荘KARIN Design Cottageスタッフデス

ゴールデンウィークがおわりました! 短いようで長いような? 長いようでアッという間?

県外より、一足お先に夏をエンジョイしにいらしたお客様は みんなとても楽しそうで(^^)
お客さまの笑顔をみて、多忙期ではありますが 私達も楽しく終えることができました!!

感謝 感謝です ✌

感謝 貸別荘 恩納

振替の休日をいただけます! これもまたありがたい ✨


貸別荘KARIN Design Cottageでは現在 8月までのご宿泊を受付けております!

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【予約問合せ電話番号】 0980-54-0008 (9時~18時)



We had a lot of guests during Golden Week!

Hello there.

Consecutive national holidays in Japan in May, it’s usually called Golden Week, is over.

I felt it was so fast but long, but it was passed over in a flash.

Guests from other prefecture in Japan, who came to Okinawa to enjoy early-summer in Okinawa before anyone else,
their smile made us smile as well! haha

Although it was a busy season, we were able to done it happily :D
Thank you so much!

Well, busy season is over, the staff who worked all the time during Golden Week is going to have holidays..
We appreciate it LOL

I wanna go to the beach and enjoy
All I need is taking a rest tho haha I’ll work harder after we got refreshed.

We  are accepting booking requests for until August 2017.
Please contact us for inquiries/booking since the cottage can be booked by one group a night.

貸別荘KARIN Design Cottage 公式ホームページ
T: +81980-54-0008 (9am-6pm) Eng Available